Falls & Co. Welcomes Adam Zuccaro as Senior Vice President, Client Strategy

June 30, 2023

Falls & Co. is pleased to announce the appointment of Adam Zuccaro as Senior Vice President of Client Strategy. With a wide array of company management knowledge including the oversight of multiple departments and understanding of organizational expansion, Zuccaro will apply his 19 years of experience to spearhead new business across the agency to expand market efforts and widen company reach for Falls & Co.


In his previous role as Vice President of Creative for a marketing company, Zuccaro acted in a supervisory capacity to ensure the organization was meeting cross departmental employee goals regarding creative needs. As Senior Vice President, Zuccaro leads new business opportunities with a team of agency experts to keep developing new clientele for the firm and ensuring all departments can show continued growth year after year. 

"Believing that creative problem solving can come from anyone within your company is the pinnacle of a successful business structure,” says Zuccaro.  “Diving into work with an enthusiastic nature can be infectious and truly start a ripple of growth, and I look forward to continuing to add to Falls & Co.’s illustrious lineup of clients.”

Zuccaro attended Kent State University, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Advertising.  His capacity to cultivate opportunities within areas such as public relations, social media, and web development affirms his ability to offer excellent growth prospects and serve as a vital part of Falls & Co.'s executive leadership team.

In his spare time, Adam proudly serves on the Board of the Epilepsy Association and resides on the East side of Cleveland in Mayfield. 

Fun Facts:

•    Favorite movie quote: Ghostbusters: “Well, that’s what I HEARD!” is a throw-away line, shouted from off-camera by Peter Venkman (Bill Murray) in a scene featuring a scuffle in the mayor’s office late in the movie… but it’s perfect.
•    Unknown fact: Dream job (as a MUCH younger man) would have been to work on Saturday Night Live. (Bonus fact: Adam shares a birthday with Tom Hanks and OJ Simpson – July 9)
•    Favorite color: Blue!
•    Most craved candy: Red Vines, or any red licorice. 
•    Beloved CLE moment: It was pretty cool to be at Game 7 of the 2016 World Series with my dad, even though we ended up losing the game/series. 

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