Energy, Oil & Gas

The advancement and adoption of cleaner energy continues to grow as economies re-open after the pandemic and infrastructure investments modernize how we generate, distribute, store and use energy. From petroleum to nuclear and renewables, we’re helping companies navigate these trends and manage the complex issues they face, from grid security to energy independence and environmental stewardship.

Approach and Perspective

We’re living through a transformational age characterized by significant shifts in the way the world produces, moves, stores and consumes energy. Changes in demand, in the climate, in government regulations and in public opinion are all pushing the energy industry to lower its carbon footprint. We’re helping companies better understand how these changes are influencing their businesses and take advantage of the opportunities that change introduces. As a full-service energy marketing firm, Falls & Co. can help you develop strategies for growth and become more agile.

Trends Impacting the Industr

Energy consumption declined, but could grow by 20% by 2040

COVID-19 has caused tremendous health and economic hardship across the globe, resulting in a reduced demand for energy. But maybe more importantly, it has caused individuals and businesses to re-examine their daily behaviors in ways that are fundamentally changing how they use energy. Our researchers and strategists are helping energy companies identify these changes and rethink their marketing strategies to deliver new value to customers and prospects in a hyper-competitive market. We can help you too.

Alternative, low-carbon energy sources continue momentum

The electrification of the automobile industry. The Paris Climate Agreement. The green building movement. The U.S. infrastructure bill. A growing percentage of Americans who are in favor of renewable energy. People, governments and businesses are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint and transition to energy alternatives that produce fewer greenhouses gases and do less harm to the environment. Energy companies that align with these socioeconomic realities are more likely to thrive going forward, but the road may be rocky. There’s a steep learning curve for businesses that become more agile to shift with the times. And those who do must ensure customers’ perceptions are keeping pace with the ways in which they’re changing. That’s in essence what we do for energy companies. We help them strategize and communicate, especially in times of change, so the people they rely on for success have a clear understanding of the value they provide.

The climate continues to stress resiliency of power supply

Weather patterns are becoming more extreme. Everything from power grids to logistics networks face costly disruptions that will squeeze profitability and divert monies to mitigation or recovery efforts. On top of operational challenges, additional public scrutiny and increased regulation could impact companies affected by climatological hardship. Our battle-tested issues management and crisis counselors help our clients prepare for and mange through adverse incidents that can make or break a company’s reputation.

Insights & News

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Falls is excited to extend our lease and add 9,600 square feet of office space to our headquarter office in the Terminal Tower in Downtown Cleveland. After merging our two companies – Falls Communications and Falls Digital – and acquiring Wyse Advertising, the firm is adding the additional space to accommodate growth. 

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