Employer branding & employee experience management

You’re executing a fine-tuned business strategy. You know where you’re going, how you’re going to get there, what needs to be done and why. But what about the who part of the equation? Employees — happy, fulfilled, engaged employees — can be your biggest brand ambassadors and one of your greatest competitive advantages.  

We will help you uncover and communicate your unique employer brand and create fulfilling, positive employee experiences that make that story a reality for everyone throughout the entire employee lifecycle. We know how to attract the right individuals to your organization and then foster employee engagement in ways that ultimately allow you to deliver the best customer experiences you possibly can.

Easier said than done, right? We get it. With our communication and organizational effectiveness experience, Falls & Co. can help. 

Our Approach

Falls & Co. focuses on two areas that create positive employee experiences — or human experiences as we like to call them.  

The best human experience consists of what you communicate about your company paired with what you do to connect, and build meaningful relationships with potential and current employees. It’s the successful intersection of your story and your actions that creates a flourishing human experience within an intentionally designed culture. We think they go together like peanut butter and jelly!    

We’re not shy when we say not every integrated marketing firm can help you develop both. That’s because we offer a combination of communication and organizational effectiveness expertise that’s not often found in a marketing firm. So, based on your needs, we can develop employer branding solutions and work with you to design, execute and manage a more rewarding, long-term employee experience.  

Whatever your employee-related goals, we want to learn more about how we can partner with you to create measurable results that positively impact your employer brand, employee experience or both.   

Scope of Services

What are we passionate about? That’s easy. Communicating and connecting with both job seekers and your employees in ways that promote your accelerated growth and continued evolution.   

We know these can be some of the most challenging – and elusive – aspects of advancing your business, particularly in today’s COVID environment. Truth be told, we love these types of challenges and helping our client partners solve them. That’s why we’re committed to ensuring your communications and internal organizational efforts align with and support your business goals by offering the following services, customized to your needs:

Employer Brand Solutions

Your employer brand strategy and story, or who you say you are and how and where you say it, are together one key part of every employee experience. We work with you to surface your cultural DNA, learning what truly differentiates your company. Then we help you communicate that compelling story to the right people, in the right way and at the right time. 

Employer branding services include:  

  • Employer Brand Discovery, Development and Messaging
  • Recruitment Marketing
  • Internal Communications  
  • Ethics, Integrity & Corporate Mission, Vision, Values Platforms
  • SharePoint

Employee Experience Management

How your company creates and lives that narrative, through actions and behaviors, is equally important to your communicated brand. Words without supporting actions ring hollow. We partner with CEOs, human resources executives and other company leaders to identify, develop and execute internal initiatives that successfully connect people, performance and process. 

When it works, your employer brand story is genuinely embraced by individuals throughout the entire employee lifecycle. You create positive, enriching experiences that not only attract and retain individuals but ultimately tap their strengths and passions. The result: engaged, energized and loyal brand ambassadors who live by the brand and can help move your business forward in amazing ways.    

Employee experience services include:

  • Company Culture Enhancement & Evolution   
  • Onboarding Development     
  • Performance Management  
  • Succession Planning  
  • Leadership Development   
  • Professional Coaching  
  • Team Building 
  • Change Management  
  • Employee Experience Data Measurement 

Related Services

What else can Falls & Co. do? We can help you:  

  • Identify and recruit the right talent to fill critical company roles 
  • Help you combat employee attrition by designing effective and positive experiences within your communications, performance management, employee development and succession programs    
  • Evolve your company culture to help increase employee engagement and passion  
  • Ensure employees both adopt and embrace critical company change initiatives (acquisitions, projects and so forth)     
  • Find better ways to measure your employee experience    

Why Invest in Employer Brand or Employee Experience Management?

At a time when attracting and retaining the right talent is more challenging than ever, Falls & Co provides a distinct and powerful one-two punch when it comes to connecting and building relationships with potential and current employees. 

We have both the experience and the tools necessary to help you crystalize your employer branding story and tell it in creative and engaging ways that resonate with your intended audience. But delivering employer branding solutions isn’t all we’re about.  Our expertise at building, executing and measuring employee experience is something you might not expect from a marketing firm. 

The Role of Employer Branding & Employee Experience in your Marketing Strategy

Your company’s brand starts from within. The employee experience and company culture you create extends far beyond the walls of your organization. It’s one important part of a marketing strategy. But what about the other marketing goals you’re working towards? Our full- service marketing agency is equipped to handle all of your other needs, including advertising, public relations and digital services. 

See for yourself. Take a look at our complementary services. 

Our Work

Employer Branding Solutions  
Multi-national manufacturing company leverages Falls & Co. to acquire talent and grow business.
Frozen food leader heats up talent recruitment efforts by leaning on Falls & Co.’s expertise.  

Employee Experience Management
Company Culture
Rapidly expanding professional service firm boasts multiple acquisitions. Falls & Co. helps spearhead a thriving culture evolution to support its growth.  

Leadership Development 
Falls & Co. custom leadership engagement builds stronger professionals who can positively impact company success. 

Change Management
Large non-profit turns to Falls & Co. to help employees embrace work-related changes due to the pandemic.

Employer Brand & Employee Experience Management FAQ

I need to attract employees and fill roles - now. Is that a long process? 

It doesn’t have to be! We can quickly and effectively help you uncover your unique employer brand story. Then we counsel you on how to creatively package and distribute it on the platforms most relevant to your identified audiences (we help with that, too). Once we attract those employees, retention is equally important. That’s where our expertise in organizational effectiveness and employee experience comes in.    

Can a marketing firm really help me manage my employee experience?

This firm can, absolutely, thanks to our organizational effectiveness expertise.  And we do more than help you manage it. We work with you to define your goals and develop measurable solutions that shape positive internal experiences. The end result: essential employee brand advocates you need in today’s marketplace.

How can you truly measure the employee experience?

It sounds cliché but every client is different. We go deep, customizing our measurement based on client needs. It goes beyond attraction and retention rates and traditional employee surveys.  Although we have a full-service business insights and research department that can help develop those surveys, we use a variety of other tools to learn about and measure people’s thoughts and behaviors, which are indicative of our success together.