While most shareholders rightfully focus on an organization’s price/earnings multiple, strategic shareholders are searching for the real investor P/E ratio: performance/expectations. And smart organizations know strategic execution, operational and financial performance, brand and reputation management are all essential shareholder value creation drivers, ESG deliverables and stakeholder alignment.   

Add an intelligent and insightful approach to corporate communications and you’ll ignite the capital markets catalyst that delivers true investor delight. Falls & Co. can provide a full range of corporate communications and investor relations services to optimize your company’s value creation, brand impact and company cultural alignment with all your stakeholders.

Our Approach

When you engage with Falls, our seasoned professionals will begin by embedding themselves in your organization, integrating seamlessly into diverse organizational settings and situations. They do this so they understand your business growth mindset and strategic vision, acting as true business partners, which allows them to build the situational analysis that powers operational and financial success.  

Corporate Communication & Investor Relations Services

We challenge ourselves to be uniquely partnered in the C-suite and board room. We also engage with diverse organizational constituencies to provide timely, credible and unfiltered feedback.   

Our professionals earn their way in as trusted advisors and proactive doers. We assist in marketing your company’s ‘investment brand,’ and in highlighting financial and operational performance and the enterprise’s distinctive intangible assets. We pride ourselves on jointly setting stretch management KPIs and value creation performance metrics.  

We are known as go-to crisis and transaction communications and IR partners with client investment banking, legal and proxy advisors. 

Our corporate communication services include:   

  • Investment community perception studies  
  • Public disclosure guidance  
  • ESG and corporate governance counsel  
  • M&A and transaction support  
  • Board and leadership transition counsel  
  • IPO, bankruptcy and restructuring communications  
  • Shareholder activism defenses  
  • Institutional investor targeting and engagement  
  • Investor relations counsel, programming and training  
  • Internal and crisis communications support 

Why Invest in Corporate Communication Services?

Highly successful enterprises consistently evolve their communications strategies and practices to optimize performance and alignment with their critical constituencies. Timely, impactful and credible communications are the lifeblood of vibrant and sustainable organizations. They provide the all-important public loyalty and support that propels progressive growth and minimizes unforeseen challenges.   

Why Do you Need a Corporate Communications Agency?

Effective corporate communications and investor relations programs contribute a median premium of 10% to capital markets valuation. Ineffective IR programs are thought to cost a median of 15% to a company’s enterprise valuation, according to multiple research studies of buy-side analysts, institutional investors and portfolio managers. Depending on specific industry and enterprise growth dynamics, a company’s intangibles can account for 10% to 30% in additional potential capital markets valuation, a substantial overall corporate governance and enterprise risk management consideration.  

As a full-service digital marketing, communications and advertising firm, Falls & Co. will employ a disciplined and exacting planning process focused on your company’s investment brand. We’ll evaluate your corporate growth and capital allocation strategies to identify and highlight the most impactful value drivers behind current performance and your future desired state. Then we’ll execute against that plan to help you achieve your business goals. 

Our Work

How are organizations winning with our work? Below you will find snapshots of how Falls’ strategic approach to corporate communications and investor relations provided client value and success.  

Substantial Valuation Increase

Falls partnered with $2.5 billion A. Schulman through a multi-year global specialty chemical growth and business realignment strategy. The project featured eight acquisitions, a leadership transition and a balance sheet restructuring. It resulted in a substantial valuation increase and the company’s eventual acquisition by a leading international chemical company. Investors, employees and customers were consistently provided with timely and transparent communications, supported by ongoing constituent research and analysis. This propelled sustainable support for management's actions and enhanced financial and operational results.    

Enhanced Investor Relations

Belden Inc., a $2.4 billion leading global supplier of specialty networking solutions, turned to Falls to support the company’s content development and graphics for an expanded investor day presentation underpinning a multi-year restructuring and senior management transition that highlighted the company’s successful high-growth business portfolio transformation.  

Annual Report Design

$5.3 billion Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. is the largest flat-rolled steel producer in North America. They specialize in the mining, beneficiation, and pelletizing of iron ore, as well as steelmaking, including stamping and tooling. The company tapped Falls to help conceptualize and produce its annual reports to shareholders during its transformative acquisitions of ArcelorMittal USA and AK Steel and the completion of its Toledo Direct Reduction plant. 

Corporate Communication & Investor Relations FAQ

Who constitutes your corporate communications and investor relations teams?

Our team includes experienced:

  • Corporate senior communications officers, 
  • Government relations officers 
  • Investor relations officers 
  • Business journalists 
  • Design and digital specialists 
  • Securities analysts 
  • Institutional investors 
  • Crisis management counselors 

What role does public opinion research and analysis play in your strategic engagements?  

We focus on delivering the most impactful messaging support for well-considered, conceived and credible organizational actions. We strive to set agreed upon measurement metrics to further hone and evaluate ongoing corporate communication strategies.  

Why Falls?  

We pride ourselves in seamlessly putting ourselves in the client’s mindset. We aim to be truly engaged thought and action partners through to successful resolution of the issue, situation or successful capture of an opportunity. Our track record inevitably gets us invited back —it’s our client service focus and mantra.