Introducing The SolveTM, affordable, collaborative, strategic workshops from Falls & Co. to help you get solutions quickly.

The Solve Sprints bring relevant experts from your organization and ours together to quickly identify, co-create and deliver quality solutions for your business in a workshop setting.

How does it work?

Each sprint is led by a subject matter expert from Falls & Co. who ensures the right members of our team are assigned to your project.

Naming (products/your organization/your brand) is your first opportunity to communicate with your audience.
Falls & Co. brings a structured approach to this sprint to minimize subjectivity and ensure all ideation is on-brand and delivers for your business.
Our experts in natural and root word naming, brand, and creative story-telling blend art and strategy so your name is clear, original and powerful.

Led by:

Kevin Ament, Chief Strategy Officer

Kevin Ament is an experienced strategist and team leader with twenty years of experience building brands, marketing strategy, content and experiences for a broad portfolio of national and local businesses.

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Data drives everything today, and with our Analytics Sprint, well help you take a step back and look big picture.
We dig deep to define targeted KPIs, to ensure your dashboard is reporting on what really matters to you. We help clarify and define metrics so the way your dashboard talks about the numbers is the way YOU talk about the numbers.
We work with you to build the wireframe for a dashboard that helps you tell the story of your success, and measure what is and isn’t working so you can make the next strategic adjustment. And then we’ll build that wireframe out and deliver a living, breathing, fully automated report right back into your hands, so you can use it every day and have full transparency with your data.

Led by:

Cliff Karklin, Vice President, Data Analytics

Cliff is a proven analytics leader with more than 15 years of experience in the marketing agency space.  His passion for data-driven solutions, along with a deep understanding of client business objectives, has guided the development of comprehensive reporting solutions for hundreds of clients. 

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The media can be your best friend, or your mortal enemy. We can help.
We have incredible experience training C-Suite executives on how to prepare for and conduct high-stakes interviews with journalists. We help you anticipate, and develop responses to, the toughest questions. We’ll teach you the dos and don’ts of how to articulate and defend your story – for a presentation, an interview, a sales call…anything.
Bottom line: we’ll help you develop interpersonal skills that will make the delivery of your message even more powerful.

Led by:

Todd Morgano, Senior Vice President/Senior Creative Strategist

Todd Morgano has core competencies in digital marketing, brand strategy, corporate communications, reputation management, video development and more, heading up our creative group as the senior creative strategist.

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We work with your team to get access to SEO content workflow, templated and tools. We’ll use research and analytics to define topics for content creation, and develop and measure an editorial strategy that improves search engine visibility.
Content is king. Take the crown.

Led by:

Hannah Wineland, Director, SEO + STEM

At Falls, Hannah develops technical and content strategies to increase website visibility in search engine results. She holds qualifications in Google Analytics and is working towards Google Ads Search qualification and Google Ads Measurement qualification.

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Your brand is only as powerful as the story you tell. We can help.
During this Workshop, SMEs will review key points to capture overall brand narrative. Then together, your team and ours will evaluate the alignment between the observed brand narrative and your desired brand narrative and then develop Messaging Hierarchy and Supportive Pillars to move forward.
After the Workshop, SMEs will bring messaging to life through a conceptual home page, digital ad, or potential executions.

Led by:

J.B. Davis, Director of Brand Strategy

JB translates business objectives and marketplace dynamics into relevantly differentiated positioning and actionable brand strategies.

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We have an incredibly diverse staff who’se been around the block a time or twenty. We’ve seen it all. if you have a unique business challenge that doesn’t fit into one of our specific Sprints, you’ve come to the right place. Give us a shout, let’s talk it through and we’ll put the right team together to help you get to a solve.

Led by:

Ashley Neel, Vice President, Integrated Strategy

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How the magic unfolds

1The Falls & Co. team quickly gets smart on your business challenge.

2The workshop session where Falls & Co. leads live, structured exercises to co-create solutions.

3Falls & Co. refines, packages and delivers your solution.

The word on the street

Falls & Co. brought together senior leaders from Parker with their strategic and creative team to help facilitate a naming project. Their pre-work ensured everyone was ready to participate, and the on-site working session was structured but collaborative and flexible. It was efficient, professional, and most importantly, we quickly landed on a solution the team felt good about.
- Dave Grager,
Global Manager of Branding & Advertising
Parker Hannifin

How much is it?

Pricing is flexible. Each sprint is customized for the subject and the need. They can run for a few days or a few weeks, depending on prep and refinement of the deliverables, with the workshop phase running a half day. The best option is to give us a call and start a conversation.

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