Manufacturing & Technology

In today’s increasingly digital and highly competitive manufacturing and tech sectors, we know our clients always need to remain agile and creative to stay at the front of the race. We help clients by learning the ins and outs of what they do every day, from understanding complex technical issues to diving deep into the true science of manufacturing and technology. Our innate curiosity helps us function as a seamless extension of their organization. We’re not “just an agency;” we’re part of their team.

Approach and Perspective

The fast-paced Industry 4.0-driven (soon to be 5.0-driven) world means organizations in manufacturing and technology need to do more than just keep up. You need to lead the charge … and be the change. 

Whether you’re the app developer, inventor and manufacturer of the world’s first wearable wireless thermometer, a paint company known for top-of-the-line aerospace and automotive coatings, or one of the oldest welding equipment manufacturers in the industry, you’re driving innovation, and we’re in the front seat with you, navigating the way.

As a full-service Manufacturing & Technology marketing firm, Falls & Co. can help you win the race.

Trends impacting the industry

Automation, AI, Robotics and the Internet of Things

As things become even more automated, voice-activated and Internet-connected, organizations can reap the benefits of better workplace safety, reduced labor costs, increased labor productivity, faster time to market and more. As you continue to find new ways to do business, Falls & Co. is here to help you tell your story to the world.

Importance of Transformative IT

Manufacturing and technology thrive on continuous advancement. Today that’s driven by the Industry 4.0 movement and increasingly stringent standards that focus on a digital presence. From corporate-level infrastructure to ground-floor innovation, a forward-thinking IT team is of utmost priority, especially as automation, robotics and the IoT continue to drive – and improve – processes. 

It’s imperative for organizations in manufacturing and technology to not only keep up with digital transformation internally but also to lead and define it for the end users. We can help you share your messages to all target audiences.

Agility, Diversification and Reshoring

During the pandemic, some plants shuttered, others experienced supply loss, and necessary international shipments became delayed or cancelled altogether. Add in a retiring Baby Boomer workforce and an enduring skilled labor shortage, and you’ve got major challenges to overcome. Many manufacturers needed to take quick action to resolve problems, diversify product offerings and operate locally to remain resilient. 

And it’s not just manufacturers who have had to pivot. Agile development and operations play a massive role in tech, too. The demand for better infrastructure, hardware and software solutions as the world becomes increasingly more digital and cloud-based is reshaping the way tech companies work. Today’s tech leaders need to develop products and bring them to market faster than ever before. We help technology companies like yours spread the word, build awareness and keep stakeholders in the know about the latest developments.


Hackers are getting more sophisticated, learning new ways to access important data and sensitive information. As consumers put more trust into businesses and share more of their personal data online, they may be unknowingly putting themselves at an increased risk.

Organizations must do everything possible to protect themselves while also keeping consumers safe. Unfortunately, the question isn’t if you’ll get hacked, but more likely when it will happen. We’re here to help you proactively create a tightly woven cybersecurity communications plan and provide crisis support in the event of a data breach.

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