How Falls & Co. Digital Marketing Services grow your business.

Our results-oriented media experts are well versed in customized digital campaigns tailored to reach and engage your potential customers. We utilize a variety of pay-per-click (PPC) methods, from social and display advertising to retargeting, to ensure we are reaching your audience at every stage of their purchase cycle. Our in-house Paid Search experts study consumer behavior patterns and make daily bid adjustments to maximize conversions. Our digital strategists work with a variety of programmatic partners to leverage cost-per-click (CPC) and cost-per-thousand (CPM) campaigns that deliver results for any budget. Falls & Co.'s buying philosophy—it's as important to know what not to pay for when determining the right digital mix to meet your brand building and lead generation goals.

SEO is an ever-evolving discipline. We offer technical assessments to identify any roadblocks for search engines to crawl and index your websites, and we conduct thorough content audits and offer regular progress reporting to determine what’s working and opportunities to better align your content strategy with your customer journey. Balancing SEO science with exceptional user experience ensures visitors find the answers they need when they land on your website and have a direct path to deeper engagement with your brand and products.

Designing a website is like writing a great story. It should capture your attention quickly and be easy to follow. You should see yourself in its characters, and it must keep you engaged to the very last page. At Falls & Co., we start by understanding your audiences and their needs. Then we determine the best structure, content and experience to encourage users to take action and choose their own path through your story. Our design and development team works with a variety of content management systems, and we will build or modernize your website so it's easy to edit, rewrite, and optimize for future chapters.

As brands become more sophisticated in their understanding of target audience needs, inbound marketing has become a key part of integrated marketing strategy for awareness, lead generation and retention. Our creative agency has in-house content marketing, video production, web design and graphic design specialists who develop the online and email marketing strategies that complement your paid and earned media outreach.

Few platforms can deliver an opportunity to hear from and connect directly with current and prospective customers like social media. We work with our clients to develop organic and paid social strategies that engage your audiences across their online communities. Whether your target consumers favor established networks or emerging platforms, our experts understand what content will showcase your brand’s unique personality. Build a community, drive engagement and boost qualified leads for your business, or use Falls & Co. social listening offerings to understand the conversations your prospective customers are having about your company and your competition to inform your marketing strategy.

The experts at Falls & Co. can connect your brand and products with the influencers, bloggers, vloggers, and content creators your audience trusts. We create the optimal strategy for you, identifying and thoroughly vetting the right influencers for your brand, determining clear campaign goals and measures, working with prospective partners to develop authentic messaging, and managing the campaign start to finish. We stay up-to-date on trends, ensure all FTC compliance is met, and personally review all influencer content for accuracy and quality assurance. From strategy and outreach to social media ad support and campaign measurement, we have you covered – all while ensuring your brand identity and message is conveyed in a genuine, authentic way.

Did you know that nearly 90% of Americans say they still check email at least once a day? And by 2024, the total number of email users worldwide will reach nearly 5 billion.

With the right strategy, email marketing campaigns remain a highly effective way to increase website traffic, spur engagement and boost revenue.