Faster. Better. Smarter. Every client needs all three. We work as an extension of your internal teams, integrating across silos, to deliver insight-driven solutions that deliver results. By putting people first, using insights to drive innovation, we accelerate growth.


To help organizations serve communities and make the world a better place.

We recognize this is a bold statement. Yet, it embodies who we truly are, as well as defines the type of clients we have and want. With all the issues facing the world and businesses today, why not strive to simply help companies do the right thing? It’s often said that you’re known by the company you keep. That’s why we want to be affiliated with companies and entities that understand the importance of linking sound business practices and ethics with strategic growth and success. 


To get people to listen, care and act.

We are, quite simply, effective storytellers. You have stories to tell. And we use every means available to tell them - externally and internally. We believe effective communications is the most important aspect of any business or organization. We believe there are three distinct levels of communications - informational, persuasive, and inspirational. We work with our clients to develop and implement the approaches and messages to have the greatest impact to get the results they want. Through years of experience, we have become trusted advisors, strategic business and communications experts and creative solutionists.


The spirit of our company is directly connected to the spirit of a man who has been at the helm of the firm for 32 years, Rob Falls. He lives every day with great joy and energy and goes above and beyond to ensure this is more than a job, but the experience of a lifetime. Rob has said, "it is important to celebrate the journey because life is short." This means a continuous celebration of our firm's successes and the recognition of our individual achievements and milestones.

We have chef-prepared omelet days, massage Fridays, soup and salad Wednesdays and over-the-top special events.

At every colleague’s five-year anniversary, they receive a watch of their choice. At their 10-year anniversary, we send them back to their ancestral home land for a vacation. Every subsequent five-year anniversary, it is something different and special. He has always said our people are not lucky to work here but we are honored and humbled by their choice to work here.

Falls & Co. provides a great place to work so professionals can grow, thrive, and succeed, which ultimately results in outstanding work for our clients. This includes building a culture together of respect, creativity, and passion for what we do. With us, it is a constant commitment.

We are confident we can help you grow – faster, better and have fun doing it. So, give us a shout and we look forward to hearing from you.

Our Core Values & What Guides Us
Respect the Dignity of the IndividualPut Families FirstBe Compassionate
Work as a TeamExcel at ServiceBe Curious
Possess IntegrityBe AuthenticTake Ownership



Falls & Co. has a generous health care benefits package. The company also has a 401k plan, an employee assistance program, and awards annual bonuses. Its contemporary offices occupy four floors in the downtown, iconic Terminal Tower. The offices are stunning and contemporary. It is set up with the latest technology. We also have six conference rooms, four break rooms and many collaboration areas. In addition, we have access to a sizable gym, a social room with pool tables, table shuffleboard and an outdoor deck area in our building.   

Community Support

We have a strong belief in giving back to the community that has supported us for 32 years. Greater Cleveland has been very good to us. It would be inconceivable for us not to recognized and return what we have received and re-invest in Northeast Ohio. For decades, we have returned 5% to 10% of our annual profits to not-for-profit organizations.

Collectively, we have served on more than 70 boards covering charitable, civic, diversity-focused, professional, faith-based, and health-related organizations. We have donated more than a half-million dollars in pro-bono work. Our people have become trusted advisors to organizations for the betterment of social, racial, and economic equity.

We have also played important roles in the advancement of downtown Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. This includes cultural, governmental, business, and community initiatives to advance the betterment of our communities. We have also sponsored or contributed to more than 80 local community organizations.   

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives

We have a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee that helps the firm attract and retain more diverse talented colleagues, create a more inclusive work environment and enhance our relationships with our clients and organizations in our community. We also bring in outside organizations to help educate, instruct and guide our colleagues and leadership to build and enhance a more inclusive workplace. In addition, Falls & Co. employees serve on boards and help organizations with diversity initiative

A Cleveland Agency with Global Reach

Going international? Have a problem with EU? Unsure how to enter the Asian market? No worries, we’ve got you covered.

At present, Falls & Co. is the longest serving member of the largest partnership of communications, marketing and public relations agencies in the world. Founded in 1970, PROI has grown to encompass 75+ partner agencies with 6,000+ PR professionals across five continents, 50 countries and 100+ cities, serving more than 5,000 clients. Most of these firms are the largest in their respective markets. PROI is closely knit association, where its members know each personally and understand the value and strengths that each firm offers.