Public Policy & Nonprofit:
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Trends Impacting the Industry

The past year has brought an increased focus on racial and social justice in communities around the world, and nonprofits are responding by enhancing service and advocacy, or with pledges of support and commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion. But, like most organizations, including for-profit companies and public agencies, many nonprofits don’t yet meet the diversity goals they strive to attain. Charting a course towards equity and communicating it with internal and external audiences will be a priority for many boards and leadership teams for the foreseeable future.

Increasingly, board members are being called upon to actively support their nonprofits’ missions by becoming more involved, more vocal, and more visible. Active participation in advocacy can provide much needed support for fundraising, public awareness, and public policy changes. Figuring out the right path for your board to become vocal advocates requires planning, messaging, and opportunities for them to connect with key audiences.

COVID-19 has put increased pressures on nonprofit budgets and service delivery. For some, it has been a boon to fundraising – particularly those nonprofits that are working on the front lines of the pandemic. But for every nonprofit, how they work, raise money, recruit, and deploy volunteers and interact with clients and partners is forever changed. Navigating what comes next will require organizations to innovate, adapt and build a plan for a sustainable future. How well these changes and opportunities for adaptation are communicated – internally and externally – will be key to many nonprofits’ success.