Sometimes, you start by
promoting yourself.


Falls & Co. helped Team NEO recognize the importance of promoting itself as a part of a greater
regional promotion. With strong Team NEO messages that highlight Northeast Ohio’s
significant assets, success stories, and efforts to accelerate growth and equity, we could rally
internal audiences while helping to attract businesses and talent to our region.

Falls & Co. reviewed existing messaging for Team NEO and similar organizations to uncover
opportunities and identify Team NEO’s niche. We created a messaging strategy highlighting
Team NEO’s differentiators and accomplishments, while also giving credit to their network
of partners working to elevate Northeast Ohio. We equipped Team NEO with updated core
messaging, an elevator pitch, a stump speech, a Q&A document and more – and conducted
messaging training for the staff and board to ensure buy in.

The Falls & Co.-supported messaging strategy helped transform the way the organization talks about itself. It is now the core of all Team NEO communications. Falls & Co. has carried this strategy through in Team NEO’s investor relations, media relations, web, social, collateral, video, public speaking engagements, events, research publications, Prominence & Impact reports and more.