Media Planning & Buying

We are a full service, data driven media planning and buying team that goes above and beyond to deliver results. We offer a comprehensive range of services that include research, competitive analysis, media planning, media buying, analytics and reporting. Our expertise covers all channels and all platforms.  Our specialists know how to keep your advertising on target and how to maximize reach and frequency to maximize campaign performance. We have experience Planning & Buying Media for B2B, B2C, retail, local, regional, National and global clients. 

Why are Media Planning & Buying Services a Good Investment?

The Media landscape continues to evolve. It is important to partner with an agency that stays up to date on market trends and makes strategic recommendations that deliver results.

In the past, advertisers would build creative and then decide where to place it. Today, media often informs your entire advertising campaign strategy. We believe that creativity just doesn’t live in the creative department. We provide marketing solutions that help establish the kind of ad campaign you should create to best reach your audience.  It’s a huge advantage for our clients that we are a full-service advertising agency. This allows us to optimize creative and media performance.

When you work with an experienced media planning and buying agency, you benefit from the agency’s strategic approach and goal of landing the best prices for media placements. Our team works with a carefully curated list of vendor partners and leverages these partnerships to maximize campaign performance.  

Falls & Co. believes in quality versus quantity. Our media team obtains prominent placements for clients in the channels that capture the highest reach and engagement. We work with all size media budgets and believe in doing a good job with one medium before layering on additional mediums.

What’s the difference between media planning and media buying?

While the two work in tandem and are closely related, planning focuses on the strategic approach of reaching your target audience in the right place at the right time.  Media buying focuses on paying a fair market value for estimated deliveries.

What if I don’t know who my target audience is?

As a full-service marketing agency, we’re happy to help you define your target audience. We have a variety of in-house tools and can also conduct the research needed to understand exactly who your audience is. Our media team works closely with our brand planning & research groups to define and understand your target audience(s) and they work closely with our analytics team to share actionable campaign insights including profiles of who is engaging with your ads.

How will I know if my media plan is working?

We monitor campaigns on an ongoing basis and make optimizations to improve performance. Tracking and measurement is in our DNA. Our media teams will deliver campaign performance reports at whatever cadence works best for you. 

How do I get started?

It all starts with getting to know our teams at Falls & Co. Tell us about your goals and we’ll get started on building a marketing plan that will help your business grow.