How Falls & Co. Communications & PR Services grow your business.

We know how to get your story told in the news outlets that your customers and constituents rely on for trusted, third-party perspectives. Our PR strategy and earned media experts regularly place clients in top tier television and print publications, and we understand how best to engage the industry trades, specialty publications and verticals devoted to in-depth coverage.

As some lifestyle bloggers’ audiences grow to rival mainstream media outlets, our influencer marketing experts help companies identify, court and partner with thought leaders and trend setters online who can credibly promote your products to boost brand awareness. Our market researchers uncover new insights to inform your communications strategy, and we offer media training and message development workshops to prepare leaders and spokespeople to effectively articulate what makes you and your products special.

Sometimes the best way to get your story out is to tell it yourself through your website and social media marketing. Our creative agency has in-house content marketing, video production, web design and graphic design specialists who can develop an integrated digital marketing strategy that complements your media outreach to further inform, inspire, and influence your B2C or B2B audiences. And our marketing communications and event planning teams create content for, and manage, major trade shows and event marketing efforts that bring your message directly to your audiences.

Through our investor relations and corporate communications practice, we help public companies ensure that the analysts and investors who follow them understand the full value of what the company brings to the market. Too often, companies rely solely on numbers and figures to tell what should be a much broader story about what their company means to its customers, and why it matters to investors trying to determine the company’s trajectory. Sometimes that story can be told in an annual report or analyst call. Other times, it may be a presentation, video, infographic or event. We borrow plays from our marketing campaigns playbook and apply them in ways that make sense for the investment community. We also help clients manage through transitions in leadership, mergers and acquisitions, major public affairs and environmental and social governance programs. In short, we’re here to help maximize the value creation of the private and public enterprises we support to deliver on their stakeholders’ performance expectations.  

Our culture and talent marketing group draws on our unique blend of expertise in strategic communications and organizational effectiveness to help you make the most of the human capital that comes to work every day. Our proven strategies help organizations of all sizes create human experiences in the workplace that lead to a more engaged workforce and a tighter alignment with performance goals. The result is a culture that’s better equipped to contribute to the company’s success, that develops and nurtures people’s careers, and attracts top talent to the business. This not only helps companies perform better, but it also helps them build their brands from the inside out with highly motivated employees who operate at peak efficiency and act as brand ambassadors.

The reputation you’ve cultivated for years can be ruined or damaged with one misstep or unfortunate circumstance. Our crisis and reputation management team is here to make sure that doesn’t happen by helping you monitor and mitigate risk, and by guiding you through the storm when a crisis hits. We work to assess your vulnerabilities and develop crisis management structures and contingency plans that can be enacted at a moment’s notice, should an issue arise. We also lead and run training exercises designed to test how prepared your organization is to respond to a crisis, effectively interact with the media, and communicate to all stakeholders.

We’re in the trenches with clients who find themselves on trial in the court of public opinion. Our team has managed hundreds of high-stakes crises—from highly-public lawsuits, product recalls, air disasters and school shootings, to racial and diversity issues, environmental and security breaches, social media attacks, legislative action, and more. We support our clients globally through our PROI Worldwide network of independent sister public relations agencies. Our seasoned and battle-tested crisis counselors have decades of experience and are at the ready, 24/7.

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With deep experience advising elected officials, nonprofit leaders, and board chairs on a wide range of public affairs, civic issues, change management and reputational challenges, Falls & Co.’s Public Affairs and Community Engagement group helps clients develop, implement, and monitor strategic communications and community and stakeholder engagement programs to help deliver your message and build support for your organization and its goals. You can rely on our executive counsel, strategic planning expertise and perception analysis capabilities to help solve the challenges you face. We work to help you connect with your communities and build stakeholder support through message development, storytelling and though leadership programs. And we develop civic and business influencer outreach programs and use media and public relations to help raise profiles and mitigate risk.