How Falls & Co. Branding Services
grow your business.

You’re executing a fine-tuned business strategy. You know where you’re going, how you’re going to get there, what needs to be done and why. But what about the who part of the equation? Employees — happy, fulfilled, engaged employees — can be your biggest brand ambassadors and one of your greatest competitive advantages.

Understanding the industry, the competition, and consumer insights is an essential first step to an effective brand strategy. We begin by interviewing leadership and subject matter experts to find your key differentiators. We design primary research and review digital platforms and literature for your business and your competition to uncover untapped opportunity. We then segment your industry and your audiences to determine potential and focus your efforts for the highest return on your marketing investment.

Informed by our research, we make connections. What unique value proposition do you represent in the market? How are you different, and better, than your direct and indirect competitors? Why should your audience, and their influencers, care? We help you create a compelling Mission, Vision, Purpose, and Promise. Then we tap into time-tested archetypes and story-telling techniques to ensure your brand identity is distinct, desirable, authentic and ownable.

Customer segmentation reveals your highest opportunity audience. But understanding their beliefs, behaviors, and challenges is essential to creating compelling content. Persona development paints a three-dimensional picture of your audience, while journey mapping captures where and how they find the information that answers their questions and solves their problems. With a clear view of who they are, what they need, and where they turn for information, Falls & Co. helps you deliver the right message in the moment it matters most.

Your product portfolio and pricing strategies can reinforce or undercut your brand strategy. We apply pricing fundamentals and behavioral psychology to help you maximize sales and share. Our strategists leverage discreet choice modeling to determine elasticity and optimal product configuration, and our promotion and incentive design team can help you drive trial and maximize audience engagement.

Brands begin as ideas, but they come alive through consistent, repeatable operations and brand experiences. Where does your audience engage with your brand, and how can you solve their problems? From web design and development through digital marketing strategy and social media engagement, we bring your brand to life across digital channels and into the marketplace to ensure every experience consistently reinforces your brand image and delivers against your purpose and promise. Our UI and UX design experts ensure your content is not just compelling, but easy to find, use and share.

At Falls & Co., brand consulting is more than academic exercise, and brand design is more than fonts, color palettes and logo design. The most vibrant visual identity and disruptive design and branding add no value until they’re put in context. Content is where brands become useful. Where they can inspire, entertain, educate or advocate. Content is how brands find their voice and make a difference.