Erie Insurance.
If there is no news, find a way to make news.


Erie Insurance relies on earned media coverage as part of its marketing strategy
to raise brand awareness and position the company in a positive light. Given the
lack of interest in the category and the absence of any new products or services
to promote, Falls & Co. opted to create news by developing factual, new and
relevant content that would capture the media’s attention, resulting in coverage.


• Develop and conduct a national consumer survey, tapping into current cultural
and automotive trends
• Determine if the conventional wisdom of millennials delaying adulthood by embracing the
“sharing economy” of ridesharing services results in a lack of interest in car ownership
• Layer in survey questions on a variety of other timely and relevant topics,
including autonomous vehicles, texting while driving and seat belt usage
• Enhance the newsworthiness by comparing the responses across four generations,
from Gen Z through Baby Boomers
• Pitch information in formats such as a news release, infographic and video