Making the target market stick.


Krazy Glue®, known as the glue that can bond anything, has had a major presence
in the DIY market since the early 1970s. However, awareness studies showed that
the brand was losing ground in recent years as a result of being significantly outspent by
key competitors. Falls & Co. provided fresh eyes to the company-sponsored research and
identified the burgeoning crafting industry as a viable new target market for
the super-strong, fast-drying adhesive. The challenge was to attract new users in the
crafting category without alienating Krazy Glue’s traditional fix-it loyalists.


• Repositioned product attributes to appeal to crafting audience
• Created a proactive media relations program targeting women’s lifestyle and
crafting publications
• Reached out to bloggers to target influential crafters
• Developed “Krazy Quick Ideas Design Book” to showcase crafting projects that could be
accomplished using Krazy Glue
• Themed satellite media tours to promote holiday-specific crafting using Krazy Glue